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Welcome to The Vapor House
We are happy that you stopped by to have a look around. Hopefully you will find something you just can't live without. Please make sure to bookmark the page and check back often.

We are a 3 year old company that has taken every aspect of the word safety and cleanliness to the farthest extreme. We hand craft all liquids in our lab. No flavor is put out for sale until it has been tested with our out-of-house testing group and they give it their stamp of approval. All nicotine is batched tested for it's accuracy and strength. So rest assured when you request your MG level, that is what your going to be receiving.

04/18/2015- Starting this Monday we will be offering our Quintessence Premium Line at 50% off. These are 5 flavors that are seriously delicious. We do not put up a lot noise about our premiums, but I have videos from 2 of the best reviewers in the industry that talk very highly of them. We have many local customers that vape only our premium line. Now is the time to give it a shot. They are normally $20 a bottle, and for a limited time, you can get them for $10 only on Mondays. Limit 2 bottles per flavor per customer.

04/05/2015- With all of the government involvement in our industry taking shape, we are going to start requiring all customers to prove their age at time of account creation and first order. We are working with a company that will provide us real time age verification so when you create your account, you will be asked to prove your age. This is a company that works very close to the TABC here in Texas and they have been using this age verification system for over a year now with great success. It will cost us some cash to implement this system, but the way we look at it here at The Vapor House, we want to make sure that only people of legal age are obtaining products from our website. We will be sending out a blast email to all customers at the time the system is put into place, and before you are allowed to place your next order, you will need to prove you are old enough to order. It is a one time verification and doesn't cost you anything. It is however piece of mind for us that all customers of The Vapor House are legitimate customers of the proper age. 

Featured Products
Don't Drip & Drive 6" Decal (White Only)
Don't Drip & Drive 6" Decal (White Only)
Your Price: $8.00
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Anarchy Box Mod-Plain G Box
Anarchy Box Mod-Plain G Box
Your Price: $100.00
Hammond 1590B Dual 26650 Parallel Battery Holder Sled
Hammond 1590B Dual 26650 Parallel Battery Holder Sled
Your Price: $10.00
Hammond 1590B Dual 18650 Parallel/Series Battery Holder Sled
Hammond 1590B Dual 18650 Parallel/Series Battery Holder Sled
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Your Price: $6.00
Star Dust  E-Liquid
Star Dust E-Liquid
Your Price: $8.00
Night Shade E-Liquid
Night Shade E-Liquid
Your Price: $8.00
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2. Hammond 1590B Dual 18650 Parallel/Series Battery Holder Sled Hammond 1590B Dual 18650 Parallel/Series Battery Holder Sled
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3. Cow Tails E-Liquid Cow Tails E-Liquid
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We offer:
500+ Hand-Crafted Mixes, 
USA Made Ingredients!
Mixed at the time of order!
Competitive Pricing! 
Cleanliness & Safety is our #1 Priority.